Start End Client/Company
Creation of production-company
®-Rotational/Linear embedded Encoder
2010 ... 2012 ... Proprietary Task Founding Network of Partners for Start-Up with focus on Serbia
Worldwide marketing of NDT-Patents
®-Patent-applications Europe & Germany
2007 ... 2009 ... Proprietary Task Investigation with companies and review of patents for NDT for Drupa 2008
IP-Projects for Marketing of Patents
2005 ... 2007 ... Cooperation with
Documents and Support of
Maintaining Patent-Applications and Licensing
2002 ... 2007 ... Proprietary Task Patent-Offices and Investigation of Licensing-Partners
ARIMS®-System-development and Patent-Applications
05/2004 2005/2006 Proprietary Design ARIMS®-ASIC Continuous Design
Rotational- and Linear-Encoder, Products
04/2004 2004 ... Joint-Development with OEM-customers and partners
Serial-Product-Designs with OEM-customers
Feasibility ARIMS®
10/2002 12/2003 Joint-Development with Sensor- and Partnercompanies
Feasibility for Serialproducts
Absolute-Measurement-System ARIMS®
01/2001 09/2002 Proprietary Design
Several Patents and Patentapplications
Feasibility for Absolute-Encoder
06/2001 07/2001 Proprietary Design
Know-how and Licence for Absolute Encoder with Nanometer-Resolution
Interpolator (ADC)
05/2001 08/2001 Proprietary Design
Interpolatordevices IP08M and IP08B
Sensor for Flatmotors
12/1999 03/2000 Electromotor-Manufacturer
Opt. integrated Absolute-Encoder 17bit in thin Version
New Laser-Marking-Device
06/1999 10/1999 Proprietary Design
Inventory of Magnetic-Encoder
05/1999 01/2001 Elektromotor-Manufacturer
Elektronic Numbering-Unit
04/1999 05/1999 Manufacturer and Proprietary Design
Fully digital optical Absolute-Encoder with PRC-Code and Replica-Optics
12/1998 06/2001 Sensormanufacturer
World’s first fully-digital absolute-encoder, novelty Hannover Fairs 2000/2001, Patentapplication, Licences
Inventory of Absolute-Encoder
08/1998 10/1998 Sensormanufacturer
Beginning the development of opt. Absolute-Encoder
12/1997 05/1998 Lasermanufacturer
High-precise Marking-System
Advanced Technology Digital-Printing-Machines
1993 1997 Fa. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
Comprehensive Design of New-Electrography-Technology
Mechatronics and Automation in Printing-Machines
1974 1993 Fa. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
Computerized Controlsystem in all Printing-Machines
Electronics for Aerospace- and Car-Industry
1966 1973 Fa. Teldix
Electronic-Development for ABS-System with Mercedes-Benz
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